Solar clamps are a time-saving cable management solution for solar panels. The clips are quick and easy to use
without tools. We supply three types of clips that are suitable for different solar applications. Our clips
are made of plastic (polyamide 6.6 HS) and are impact, heat and weather resistant.


Solar clips are ideal for attaching cables, wires and pipes to the profile. To choose the right type of solar clip you need
take into account the dimensions of the profile.

  • Types SC1 and SC2 can be mounted in combination with a cable tie, in an M8 or M10 aluminium profile.
  • The SKC1 type clamp can be mounted on the profile without a tie strap. This clamp is designed for mounting two 6 mm diameter cables.


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Solar clip SC1 without tape, clip fixing M10/depth 7mm of PA 6.6HS (100pcs in pack)
62,22 €
75,28 € incl. VAT
Solar clip SC2 without tape, clip fixing M8/depth 6,9mm of PA 6.6HS (100pcs in pack)
64,17 €
77,65 € incl. VAT
Solar clip SKC 1 without tape for profile thickness 0,7 - 3,0 mm made of PA 6.6HS (100pcs in pack)
55,39 €
67,02 € incl. VAT
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